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Coat and Seal

A deck as an outside living space offers so much value to a home in terms of relaxation and entertainment opportunities compared to other building upgrades. Not only does it increase the enjoyment of a home exponentially, but it also increases the value of a home quite reasonably. As a result, a deck becomes just as much a financial investment as a personal one.

But, maintaining the integrity of a deck is critical; sunshine, rain, wind, and snow all take their toll on the wood. Redoing the waterproof deck coating from time to time is one of the best things a homeowner can do to preserve the life of a deck.
To properly waterproof it will require more than an application of a coat of paint or wood stain to the deck. Sealers, paint, stains, protectors, and others all fit into the category of “finisher,” and they all provide some level of protection against water and sun damage.

But not all finishers are created equal, and some of these products shouldn’t be considered waterproof deck sealers at all. They all absorb themselves into the wood in some way, and that naturally makes it harder for water to affect it.

Clear Sealers

Clear waterproof deck sealers are an elementary level of waterproofing. This kind of product protects against water damage, but allow the color of the wood to alter with the suns rays. Over time the wood will become grayer and less brown.

Solid Stains

These are the ultimate in waterproof deck coatings. They’re both a stain and a waterproof deck sealer. It keeps out all the water from soaking in and comes in styles so opaque that they can even conceal the grain of the wood.

Then there are considerations to be made about whether to go for a water-based or solvent (oil-based) waterproof deck sealer. Firstly, there are going to be restrictions placed on your local municipality about using the oil-based stains.

Though they are more effective than water-based stains, they also can cause air pollution problems in densely populated areas and don’t cover nearly as much surface area as the water-based ones.

That’s because the oil-based ones get absorbed much deeper into the wood, so there’s less to cover the area with. The water based ones can cover quite a bit more square footage, and can be cleaned using soap and water rather than a solvent.

Recently product lines have started to develop a waterproof deck sealer that combines the benefits of both. An oil-modified based stain will have the best of both the water-based and oil-based worlds. It’s going to have a deeper penetration of the oil-based products, which will last longer but can also clean up with soap and water as the water-based waterproof deck sealers do.

With the proper waterproof deck sealer products, a deck is going to be a lovely place for the homeowner to spend days, nights, and evenings all throughout the year.