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Waterproofing System

Tremco TUFF-N-DRI H8 basement waterproofing system is a 40 mil thick, seamless waterproof membrane (rubberized asphalt) and quality foundation board combination which provides the ultimate in basement waterproofing. It offers eight times more hydrostatic heats resistance than other polymer-modified asphalt emulsions. Translated, this means that it helps prevent leaks, seepage, and condensation in basements better…
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#1 Since 1997

TUFF-N-DRI has been the #1 new basement waterproofing system in North America since 1997. The reason is that the product is so universally effective that over 99% of the hundreds of thousands of customers have never needed to take advantage of the 30-year transferable warranty.
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Barrier Solutions

TUFF-N-DRI products can only be applied by Barrier Solutions Contractors which means we have been trained in product application by the manufacturer. This training ensures the best results possible as the product is carefully and correctly applied. Even though Tuff-N-Dri is a more expensive product, we believe this extra expense is worth it for the…
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The Right Contractor

Finding and Choosing the Right Contractor to Repair My Foundation? Finding the right contractor is one of the biggest reliefs in the world, especially when you’re facing major home and foundation repairs. Foundations are important—your house sits on that! But before you can experience that relief, you’ve got to find the right contractor. And looking…
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