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Evaluating A Foundation Repair Company

A common misconception is that all foundation repairs are created equal, but the repairs should be appropriate for the problem at hand. When evaluating a foundation repair company for a house foundation repair or new foundation treatment, it’s essential to consider the following:

  • The expertise and integrity of the contractor.  
  • The reputation of the contractor via reviews, website, happy customers, etc.
  • The products and materials the company uses to prevent and repair damage
  • The options offered for the circumstances at hand, for example, sump pump repair vs. sump pump replacement.
  • The warranty offered, not only the material warranty but the warranty from the contractor.
  • Timeliness of the work
  • Foundation repair and waterproofing costs

Customer education

As a foundation repair is not a frequently encountered problem, many people do not have a good understanding of what is involved in waterproofing and the nature of water damage to a basement or foundation structure. A homeowner, or even a business owner, should not rely on others to make a decision when a problem occurs due to his own lack of knowledge. Rather, he should gain a good grasp of his needs, an understanding of the problem, possible solutions and their costs before making a decision on which course of action and foundation repair company to use. We try to help educate customers when they have a water issue so they can be better informed without any fear mongering or high-pressure sale tactics. We hope that his understanding of the fundamentals of moisture and foundation problems will make our customer a savvy consumer and offer him a better overview of his own property.

Patios, balconies and decks

Patios and decks are pleasant outdoor living spaces which can enhance a property by increasing the living area outdoors. They raise both the value and ‘liveability factor’ of a residence. For this reason, decks should also be treated for protection from moisture damage with a waterproof deck coating, waterproof deck sealer, or a waterproof concrete deck. Balconies and patios can also be repaired, waterproofed, and restored to add to their value and longevity with the use of an appropriate product for each individual circumstances.