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Cuts and Installs Egress Windows

Egress windows create an optional opening to the outdoors for several reasons, of which emergency access from your basement to the outdoors is the most important. You can have several different-sized egress windows, but you want to make sure they are large enough for your family to escape from in case of an emergency. Egress…
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Foundation Drainage

Foundation drainage systems are a crucial part of a home’s stability. Without them, foundations leak and building water entry can wreak havoc in a basement, crawlspace, and the foundation itself. Wet basements are a chronic concern in the Midwest and a proper foundation drainage system is the most proactive way of keeping that to an…
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Evaluating A Foundation Repair Company

A common misconception is that all foundation repairs are created equal, but the repairs should be appropriate for the problem at hand. When evaluating a foundation repair company for a house foundation repair or new foundation treatment, it’s essential to consider the following: The expertise and integrity of the contractor.   The reputation of the…
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Why Moisture Control Is Important

Water is the leading cause of nearly all foundation problems. Water can seep into the ground near a foundation for many reasons. This moisture causes the soil to swell and puts pressure on the foundation. The resulting pressure can cause everything from hairline cracks to deterioration to flooding, depending on the construction and the amount…
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